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Clothing Style in India

Whenever you travel, travel as light as possible. Clothing and laundry are both quite inexpensive.

It is preferable to travel with jeans and full - sleeved shirts and tee shirts for protection against sun tan during the day and mosquito bites at night.

It is preferable to carry a light stole / scarf with you to cover your head in case it gets too hot. Some of the religious places also require you to cover your head, so it may come handy.

If you are traveling in summers, pack light cotton clothes. Do not wear synthetic as you may develop some skin allergy or heat burns.

In India women should dress conservatively. Avoid tank tops or short skirts / shorts. The best outfit, especially during the hot summers, is a T - shirt worn with loose cotton trousers. These are comfortable, cool and easily washable. You can purchase them anywhere in India, at very reasonable rates, at any of the street shops.

Do not forget to remove your footwear when visiting a place of worship or mausoleum.

If you are adventurous, wear the Indian 'salwar - kameez'. It is comfortable and free sized, and you will be amazed at the change of attitude among the shopkeepers, pedestrians and taxicab drivers!

Sturdy shoes are preferable as your feet will be dusty and dirty while traveling. It is best to avoid dangerously high heels; flat sandals will do just fine.

It is advisable to look around you and observe how people dress up in India. You can always pick some tips.

If you want a different style and dress up in the Indian way, go for knee length "kurtas" that can be worn with jeans or cotton pants called "pajama".

The traditional Indian attire for women that looks like a kurta pajama is called "salwar kameez" and is easily available in most of the stores.

National dress for women in India is Saree.

National dress for men in India is Dhoti and Kurta.


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